Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do I Have To Pay a Deposit Before Arriving?

A $200 deposit must confirm your reservation. This is made online. The remain balance you have the option to Full or Installments. Upon your arrival at the Retreat, you will be required pay any further balance of your retreat package if theres any.

Do I need to participate in all of the activities listed on the itinerary?

While you are not required to participate in all of the activities, we do encourage you to do so in order to get the most out of your time there. There is downtime built in to each day so that you can have time for yourself.

What time should I arrive for Transportation? And where do I meet?

We’re departing from Benswic Studio at 5:30 pm.
Address: 2473 Frederick Douglass BLVD FL.1 New York, NY 10027

Could we make this a Family Trip?

Yes. However, with limited space and first come first serve. We ask that you are prepared to eithter tent outdoors; have air mattress or sleeping bag to sleep anywhere in the house that’s available.

I don’t want to share a Double Bed with anyone. What’s your suggestion?

Double Bed is of course optional. An alternative to not sharing a bed is an Air Mattress, Sleeping Bag or bringing a Tent.

Pets Allowed?​


If I drive myself would there be a price difference?


What’s the refund policy?​

All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds only credit to another retreat. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. Unless you happen to get COVID and proof must be shown.

What’s The Average Age?

The average age is 12-65. But often we’ve guests that are younger and we have guests over 70. Because we encourage families, usually they have younger child…we would make and exception.

How Fit Do I Have To Be?

You don’t have to be fit to start with us. Many guests are trying fitness for the first time. This program is personalized for you specifically and you will receive 1-on-1 workout sessions with one or of our fitness trainers, which will train you at your individual level. Our instructors will help and support you every step of just how ensuring you obtain the most from your program and reach the goals which you have set.

Will I have time for a massage or other treatment during the Retreat?

Definitely. There will be time each afternoon and after dinner for you to make these arrangements. During this time there may be informal conversations or activities going on, but these will also be the best times for you to take advantage of other activities at the Retreat.

What should I pack for this Retreat?

We suggest you dress for comfort. We’ll be on the property during the Retreat so there won’t be any fancy dinners, :). We’ll have daily yoga classes so come prepared with comfortable, loose-fitting clothes for those classes; and yoga mat. Bring plenty of changing cloths for we’ll constantly be working out! Wear comfortable shoes / trail shoes for hiking. Bring a jacket so you can sit out at night by the fire pit to enjoy the stars.

How many guests are on each retreat?

We limit our groups to a maximum of 16 guests, that’s staying on the retreat. Overall, with Day Pass included will be 32 guests.

Who teaches the sessions at the retreat?

Meet our highly experienced and knowledgeable team.